Buckley, Kerouac, Sanders and Yablonsky discuss Hippies. 1968.

17 Sep

One Response to “Buckley, Kerouac, Sanders and Yablonsky discuss Hippies. 1968.”

  1. Sam September 18, 2014 at 00:21 #

    Opening shot of Yablonsky as Buckley introduces him–his look at Jack (I assume) is withering. And Jack, at his advanced age of 46 (!) is wayway deep into his cups; hear him softly howl at about 9:35 (when Yablonsky is talking about his perceived “Indian” connection between hippies and the earth) and Buckley shushes him. Sanders is a breath of fresh Fugs/Yippie air, most needed in this rarified/fumy atmosphere. And to whom was Kerouac’s last comment (“Beware of false prophets…”) directed to? Saunders or the Soviets? We’ll never know for sure (tho I suspect it was for Saunders), as a commercial sponsor rang the doorbell …

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