The Limiñanas. Salvation.

15 Jun


(This is pretty perfect.)

Sean Rowe. I still miss someone.

14 Jun

Donovan. Deep Peace.

21 May


Steve Abbott. Long Haul on the Interstate.

13 May

released today: the Worksongs for the Apocalypse issue

11 May

We are so excited to release this work from 36 artists and writers. You can read and share it two ways:

It’s a literary journal as experience. Dive right in.



editor’s love note for the new issue of PRJ

10 May

for the Worksongs for the Apocalypse issue, to be released on Friday, May 12

When curators and editors assemble work collected and created around a single theme, a single idea, they realize that the assemblage transforms each piece. It’s not that each work is better or worse by relation but, instead, that the collection of artifacts assembled around a single idea magnifies both the artifacts and the idea. This issue of Pea River Journal is one of those assemblages, a magnification of the idea both of the apocalypse and the necessity of creating a way of singing ourselves through it.
When the idea first came to me to pursue this theme, almost two years ago now, it was a sort of dark joke. Worksongs for the Apocalypse: ha ha. But now the joke has come home to roost, and each collected poem, story, image, song, resonates with foreboding fury. The work is a comfort, an incantation, a spell to keep out whatever looms at the back door and basement windows, a guidebook, a way to stay safe, an expression of what we thought the apocalypse might be or mean before that moment at which it changed and we changed with it.
So here is your horseshoe over the door. Make sure you turn it the right way. We’ll keep the porch light on for you regardless.

Trish Harris
May 2017
somewhere in south Alabama

Tricky. Aftermath.

7 May

Badger, Party of 7



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