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Adrienne Rich: “some who try to teach the moment, some who preach the moment”

18 Jan

from XI

One citizen like and unlike so many, touched and untouched in passing

–    each of us now a driven grain, a nucleus, a city in crisis

some busy constructing enclosures, bunkers, to escape the common fate

some trying to revive dead statues to lead us, breathing their breath against marble lips

some who try to teach the moment, some who preach the moment

some who aggrandize, some who diminish themselves in the face of half-grasped events

from An Atlas of the Difficult World

from Rimbaud’s “The Impossible”

17 Jan


Philosophers: The world has no age. Humanity simply changes place.

A Season in Hell, Trans. Louise Varese

taste of a new poem from the winter 2013 issue: Robert Gray’s “Humidity”

13 Jan

…  to me that was just
what air felt like air was supposed
to confront you when you walk
outside it was supposed to engulf
you in smothering draining stifling
warmth like a womb but without
nurture or comfort it was something
invisible unnoticed hanging over you heavy
like a sheet damp from an anxious
restless night …

(want to read the rest?)

Wallace Stevens on the poetry of war

13 Jan


[Prose statement on the poetry of war]

The immense poetry of war and the poetry of a work of the imagination are two different things. In the presence of the violent reality of war, consciousness takes the place of the imagination. And consciousness of an immense war is a consciousness of fact. If that is true, it follows that the poetry of war as a consciousness of the victories and defeats of nations, is a consciousness of fact, but of heroic fact, of fact on such a scale that the mere consciousness of it affects the scale of one’s thinking and constitutes a participating in the heroic.

Slice the Air With Knives: poetry and 1997 interview, Jessica Hagedorn

10 Jan

A must-watch video. Still so fresh. From the interview (at :27 or so):

I think the landscape of north American literature is changing, and I think the wave of the future are these writers and artists of color. Biracial, multiracial, whatever. Because America itself is becoming more and more this mixed bag. I mean, it was dominated at one time by this one particular point of view. And no longer. It is still very slow, to me. And I think it is very threatening to a lot of keepers of the flame.

You open the door. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw out what’s already there. You just have to add to it.

the significance of process: a new mural in downtown Phoenix

10 Jan


In the Stay Fly mural project, the artist Sentrock has created a swan in chains for his beloved Bird City as a visual reminder to never be kept down.

The Stay Fly folio collects process stills and video from the project, still developing as it draws to a close over the next few days. Take a look.

Is it beautiful? Yes. Collaborative? Yes. Street art? Sure. Poetry? Just wait. Sent says the poetry is the last thing he’ll add, along the high curb at the mural’s base.


new work from the Winter 2013 issue: Sean Thomas Dougherty’s I Am A Forty

8 Jan


late night, shooting pool with Sean Thomas Dougherty, in a suburb just north of Detroit, 2011

One of four poems forthcoming in the Winter issue: “I Am A Forty

new work from the Winter 2013 issue: Ray McManus’ American Poem #2

6 Jan

walking away


Every day is 4 a.m. Every day is wet autumn. Every day is a man dying alone in his kitchen. Every day is a dog named Biscuit. Every day is spit on the carpet. Every day is the bottom of a bucket. Every day is slide guitar.

Every day is dirt slung out in the garden. Every day is a mountain punching the sun. Every day is a cut-out cowboy. Every day is a cardboard dream.

Every day is caught somewhere between the blather and noise of exploding faces. Every day is an eye torn open. Every day is a gate rusted stuck. Every day is a spur dragging in the dirt. Every day is a broken boy.

Every day is a busted throat. Every day is dry swallow. Every day is Vicodin and tumbleweed.

Every day is an open mouth choking on painted paper. Every day is a trailer and a cactus. Every day is a note asking you to take me back. Every day is rapture. Every day is cartoon complete.

Jayne Cortez, Find Your Own Voice

4 Jan

the Spring 2013 issue

7 Dec

We are excited to leak a little news from the submission front. We’ve been reading some wonderful work, and are thrilled to share work from Joshua Gage, Ray McManus, Steve Coffman, Sam Williams, Jeff St. James, and Sean Thomas Dougherty in our Spring 2013 issue. We also have some beautiful art to show you, plus candid interviews with writers, artists, and other good people.

The window is still open for this issue, and even as we look at the stack awaiting us, we invite more work. Please send your best. We want to read it.

Badger, Party of 7


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