Pushcart nominee. Matthew Kabik. In the Orchard, in the Field.

1 Dec

Six of our beautiful writers have been nominated for the 2013 Pushcart prize. Over the next week, we will feature each of them, along with the nominated work.

One of our nominees is Matthew Kabik, whose story created a buzz among other contributors once they all started reading through the issue galleys. Matthew has other published stories linked to his website, Matchstick Circus.

An excerpt from “In the Orchard, in the Field”:

“Well, what sort of help are you needing?”
“Thank you mister, we’re in a spot. We’ve been traveling from a few states over to here. The old girl is having a hell of a time with it.”
“Sorry, sir. God I’m sorry, I have a sailor’s mouth and should speak more clearly. The truck, sir. The truck seems to be giving up the ghost.”
“Looks about time for it,” Harry said evenly. He tried to smile, but he was afraid it may come out more like a grimace. Instead he rubbed his palms together absently and walked towards the truck.
“You’re right. Shoulda gave up on her a long time ago. But I guess things just turn out the way they do,” Abe said through over-smiling teeth.
Harry nodded to Sarah as he got closer, who smiled and stood next to Abe. Harry allowed himself to notice the way she walked. A girl who just gained the hips of womanhood. He focused his eyes back to the truck.
“You see, I think the alternator is shot. I had an old Pontiac that was doing the same thing,” Abe said quickly. His voice sounded strained to Harry, maybe rehearsed was a better word.
“To be honest with you, I’m not much of a mechanic.”
“I thought all farmers were.”
“Not much of a farmer, either,” Harry said dryly, smiling more to himself than anyone.
“Oh, well I was kinda hoping for something else,” Abe said from behind.

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