The Levellers’ Song. Craig Kurtz.

20 Dec

The Levellers’ Song

We are the Levellers
and we have all the answers;
we’re going to liberate people
by making them all miserable;
we’re going to ban all sport and drink
and tell you what to read and think;
all city life is decadent
so we’ll make it non-existent;
we disapprove of theaters,
the beau monde and entrepreneurs;
the mere sight of the town’s smart set
gets us lusting for a gibbet;
we plan to plan human affairs
and kick all dissent down the stairs.

We are the Levellers
and we’ll cure mankind’s errors;
we’ll have nothing but farming toil
and eat raw food drenched in top soil;
because we’ll ban snuff and small beers
we’ll have good health to work more years;
we found the cure for poverty
is making you as poor as we;
we’ll have a state of martial law
to quash all things we call bourgeois;
we all agree with our leader
says me, his top bottom feeder;
and never once will we complain
because the ‘we’ is inhumane.

Craig Kurtz

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