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Miller on writing post-Aristotelian tragedy

17 Apr

“and in this sketching and tearing apart of the cosmos, in the very action of so doing, the character gains “size,” the tragic stature which is spuriously attached to the royal or the high born in our minds. The commonest of men may take on that stature to the extent of his willingness to throw all he has into the contest, the battle to secure his rightful place in the world.”

Arthur Miller, Tragedy and the Common Man

Dana Tommasino’s Last Dance: a beautiful new piece at Brevity

14 Mar

“Whoever our queer ghosts were that night, I leaned into them and whispered to their necks that we’d do better, that we’d feed each other and glimmer. It was all in the lush twinge of that opening, that song that bore us, was in us: hard-ghosted desire, last chances, lifting.”

(We love Dana’s writing, and we love Brevity.)


Read the rest at Brevity.


preppers, the singularity, faith, and Emerson, oh my

8 Mar

conjure copy

An essay at Pragmata responds to “Self-Reliance”:

Our longing for an escape from the trap of physical technology, and in its stead an understood omnipresence, whether in the cloud or in the air or some massive invisible-to-the-user data center, is a collective act of faith, all of us wandering through the desert guided by a voice in a cloud we feed with the reverse manna of digital currency.


Badger, Party of 7


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