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William Shatner. Elegy for the Brave.

23 Oct

Buckley, Kerouac, Sanders and Yablonsky discuss Hippies. 1968.

17 Sep

Corey Mesler. An Encounter.

24 Jul

An Encounter

The walk-around world was room temperature
at 6 a.m. I saw Walt Whitman
leaning against the wall of The Piggly Wiggly,
a bottle of cheap hooch stuck in
his whiskery maw. A pitiful figure of a man, shirts
begrimed like his sarcous hide, no longer
human skin, but something other.

Poor old soak, I thought, after all the
years of abuse, the vile,
woebegone hammering of America.
I took a step or two toward him. He eyed me
with understandable suspicion.
“Sorry,” I said, backing
away. “I thought you were someone
else.” “Ok, sport,” he shouted after me.
Publish my name and hang up my picture
as that of the tenderest lover.

On the way home a song was born in me,
a new song.


multivocal memoir: #sixwordwar, from Kickstarter project to Twitter narrative

11 Aug

[View the story “six word war” on Storify]


The original Kickstarter inspired hope that this could really be a great project, a multivocal memoir, something hard and beautiful.  They are almost to their goal (they still need to raise 1200 or so — please help them kick it past the finish line).

And then veterans started writing their six word wars at Twitter last Wednesday (August 7). And we decided to Storify it.

Read them all. We will try to update at least once a day until/if the hashtag slows down.

You can also visit+bookmark the Six Word War official site — wonderful work.

Badger, Party of 7


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