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new poem from the Winter 2013 issue: Melissa Morphew, You Left And

22 Jan



You Left And


the sun stopped shining

on all the lakes of the world,

gray clouds descending

like fog, the grass dried,

yellowed, so every photograph

turned sepia, instant nostalgia

for a present we possessed as past

but couldn’t walk backwards through

toward some meaning, some reticent understanding,

trace the last pink flower pressed

between pages of the family Bible,

this fragile reckoning written

in the parlance of love, this onionskin

memory, the words blurred,

smudged by too often turning

to the same page, never moving beyond

the stained crease of obsessive familiarity,

footsteps faint upon mahogany stairs,

the thermostat broken, the house empty

except for woolen blankets, heavy quilts,

wrought-iron beds, lumpy mattresses damp

with mildew—a talisman of loneliness—

not a single window, a single door

opening onto a garden,

some orchard made of light.

new work from the Winter 2013 issue: Ray McManus’ American Poem #2

6 Jan

walking away


Every day is 4 a.m. Every day is wet autumn. Every day is a man dying alone in his kitchen. Every day is a dog named Biscuit. Every day is spit on the carpet. Every day is the bottom of a bucket. Every day is slide guitar.

Every day is dirt slung out in the garden. Every day is a mountain punching the sun. Every day is a cut-out cowboy. Every day is a cardboard dream.

Every day is caught somewhere between the blather and noise of exploding faces. Every day is an eye torn open. Every day is a gate rusted stuck. Every day is a spur dragging in the dirt. Every day is a broken boy.

Every day is a busted throat. Every day is dry swallow. Every day is Vicodin and tumbleweed.

Every day is an open mouth choking on painted paper. Every day is a trailer and a cactus. Every day is a note asking you to take me back. Every day is rapture. Every day is cartoon complete.

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