Each month Pea River Electric Cooperative brings its members the ALABAMA LIVING magazine. The magazine is filled with interesting and useful information, feature stories, energy efficiency tips, delicious recipes shared by readers throughout the state and a section dedicated to news and happenings in the Pea River Electric service area.
The ALABAMA LIVING magazine is published each month by the Alabama Rural Electric Association, our statewide organization, and mailed to our Pea River Electric Co-op members. Our local editor contributes seven pages of local cooperative news, information and feature articles to each issue. These articles are found on pages 4 - 8 and page 41 or 43, dependent upon the monthly issue. The monthly Pea River Electric sections of ALABAMA LIVING magazine may be found in a digital format here on this web site in the Current Magazine or All Magazines section. You may find the balance of each month's ALABAMA LIVING magazine by clicking on the VISIT THE ALABAMA LIVING WEB SITE link below.


ALABAMA LIVING is an excellent source of state and national news of legislation and trends affecting your electric cooperative, informational and educational articles about wise uses of energy, practical home and garden tips, recipes, and feature stories about interesting people and places around the state.