The cooperative will provide members with a security light for their property for a monthly fee. This is an excellent way to light up dark areas and provide your home with an additional safety feature. The monthly charge includes maintence and electricity used by the light. The cooperative promotes total energy conservation practices and installs high pressure sodium (HPS) outdoor lighting. If a pole must be set, an additional fee will be charged to the member. Other security lights are available for commercial or larger residential applications. 

Monthly charges for security lights are as follows:

  • 50 W CREE LED (standard residential security light) - $7.95 plus tax
  • Medium LED Flood - $12.50 plus tax
  • Large LED Flood - $24.50 plus tax
  • Roadway LED Type II - $14.50 plus tax

The following charges also apply:

  • Trip to connect security light on pole - $30.00
  • Trip to hang security light on existing Pea River pole - $40.00
  • Trip to set pole and hang security light - $110.00

*All security lights require a signed application and charges paid in full at time of application. Charges are non-refundable.

Security Light Lease Agreement