If your electric bill seems a little higher than normal or if you feel your home may not be as energy efficient as you'd like, there is something that you can do. As a member of Pea River Electric Cooperative you may take advantage of a free service offered to all members--an energy audit of your home. Our member services department will gladly schedule a time to come to your home and perform an energy audit. Whether you are concerned about a sudden increase in your monthly electric bill or whether you just want to make your home more energy efficient, our expert can offer possible solutions to energy loss. Maybe you need to install a new, more energy efficient heat pump. Or perhaps a little extra caulking around windows and doors or additional insulation in your attic would make your home more energy efficient. Whatever your need may be, Pea River is here to offer tips that will help you cut energy costs for the life of your home.

To talk to an energy expert about possible energy solutions or to schedule an energy audit of your home, simply call the Member Services Department at 1-800-264-7732 or e-mail Winston Jackson at winston.jackson@peariver.com or michael.murphy@peariver.com.