Electric Safety Demonstration

Pea River offers an interactive, electric safety demonstration program designed to teach students and adults alike about electricity, electrical safety and lightning safety. Because students are constantly exposed to the many benefits and potential dangers of electrical power, the goal of this program is to help students better understand how electricity provides an improved way of life and the dangers of electricity when used improperly. Safety is stressed at all times by co-op personnel who conduct these informative demonstrations which are presented in an age-appropriate manner, based upon the viewing audience.

Children learn about electrical safety through the adventures of miniature characters who face various dangerous situations in a high-voltage charged miniature city. Cooperative representatives discuss how to safely and properly handle each situation. At the end of each presentation, students have an opportunity to ask questions and make comments pertaining to electricity and electrical safety.

For more information or to schedule a safety demonstration contact the communications department at 1-800-264-7732 or e-mail laura.thornton@peariver.com.